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Do you know that drainage problems can inflict damage to walls, floors and ceilings?

When standing water is not tackled can make foundations move, which may result in expensive repairs. Besides, it can flood landscapes which leads to erosion and unsightly flooding.


We can provide you an effective drainage systems to prevent the hazardous effects of water. We are specialists in commercial and construction drainage systems and highly-experienced in installing, repairing and remodeling these systems in Condominium Communities. We aim at offering an outstanding service at really good pricing and with the best products in the market.  

Swale Drains

These are an aesthetic way to make sure that water overflow is taking place properly. These superficial, broad ditches match well with most landscapes and help ensure that overflow does not occur too fast, all while producing a natural, stream-like effect.


Trench Drains

For areas with heavy water collections, trench drains are highly effective.Deep trenches direct the water  away from high erosion areas and into safer, more advantageous spaces. Trench drains can be easily hidden with pebbling effects so the landscape remains flawless.

Point Drains

Point Drains are perfect for areas in which water pools are at risk for standing water. Installing a point drain makes sure water  follows the expected slope of the land without pooling.

Even though point drains imply small modifications, they will save landscapes from major harm.



Landscaping is one of the most effective techniques to drain water, regardless if it causes damage to buildings and businesses or not. If slopes are placed accurately, water will drain away from structures and toward established outlets and certain plants can avoid rain to affect sidewalks.

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