Wet Checks

(Performed Monthly or Quarterly)

A Wet Check includes a review of all head patterns, spray patterns and location of all sprinkler heads to achieve proper coverage, as well as ensuring the timing on the clock is set accurately.

Why do we recommend a Wet Check? 

A WELL-MAINTAINED system will save you the expense of replacing dead plants or grass from lack or excess of water.

At every wet check efficiency of the system is checked. We will evaluate your existing system and make recommendations on how we can improve it to SAVE YOU MONEY.

When performing a system maintenance check, our technicians will spot any problems with your system. We thoroughly clean, test, regulate, and straighten out each head within the system. Rotors need to be adjusted on a regular basis so that they are not spraying incorrectly .We will also troubleshoot all valves, wires, pumps or controllers and confirm they are RUNNING EFFICIENTLY.

Whether a small property or a commercial property, regular maintenance can SAVE ON WATER, ELECTRICITY, AND EXTRA REPAIRS.

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